Olivi Nursery, Fairfield, California

In the areas where olive trees naturally grew, the history between man and olive trees goes as back to ancient times. Olive trees, olive oil making and olive oil have always gathered people together, Today a rich culture and lifestyle surrounds the world related to olives. Our palates have developed sophisticated taste buds, and people are seeking greater taste and aroma from olives and olive oils. The technology has become so advanced that the olive industry is now producing the healthiest and best oils ever. The olive culture has broadened, with new categories of people such as chefs, dietitians, professional testers and doctors, along with the attention of the media, making it all the more fun and exciting to be part of this culture and lifestyle. In the last 20 years we have seen women entering and influencing all aspects of the olive industry on a large scale. The California industry has several greatly informative social meetings and events each year, where olive producers, consumers and lovers gather together sharing their passion of being part of this culture.

For all of us, it is a great pleasure to know that regardless of the new technologies used today, we are dealing with an aspect of life that links us to some of our earliest roots!
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  • Harvesting Olives
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  • Olive Orchard at Sunset with Farmers
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