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We believe that a touch of Olive Oil betters any dish in the World and that Olive Trees better Humanity. Our dedication is to provide the best trees and the best varieties to the landscape and agriculture markets.

The Perfect Trees For Your Next Project

Olivi Nursery can provide you with a myriad of olive trees depending on what fits your project, terrain and landscape criteria. Olive trees can be selected by Variety, Size, Age and Shape – from those in 15 gallon pots, to 130 year old Specimen olive trees with trunk sizes up to 6′ in diameter. Please call us to discuss your landscape project, and we will help you select with the most appropriate trees for it. Olivi Nursery guarantees all trees up to the break of new buds.

Transporting Your Trees

Transporting olive trees can involve large equipment and special handling. Depending on order and trees size, Olivi Nursery will choose the most effective transportation to deliver your tree to your site.