We believe that a touch of Olive Oil betters any dish in the World and that Olive Trees better Humanity. Our dedication is to provide the best trees and the best varieties to the landscape and agriculture markets.

Olivi Nursery | Suisun Valley, CA

Olivi Nursery is managed by Umberto Chironi Lubelli who was raised in Salento, an area of Puglia, which is the largest olive region of Italy and has worked in the California Olive Industry since 1994.

The nursery is located in Suisun Valley, CA where the 20 year old Italian varieties olive orchard is farmed and where plants for the Agriculture market are raised, the rest of our Landscape trees are located in several California Counties, depending on tree size, shape, age, variety and distance to Clients. We are not open to the public for retail sales but we welcome your visit upon Appointment.

Umberto Chironi Lubelli
Olivi Nursery - Suisun Valley, CA

Landscape Olive Trees

We can help you select the best and most appropriate trees for your project.
Landscape Trees

Olivi Nursery - Suisun Valley, CA

Agriculture Olive Trees

Our varieties have been selected in consideration of their oil quality, yield, productivity & easy farming.
Agriculture Trees

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